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  1. I checked out some video of Zev while looking for a blank video tape a few days ago. When Caitlin and Anthony and Lauren and Zev first moved to Oregon Zev was about 3 years old. I can\'t pinpoint her age in the video but it was close to that ... around 3 or 4.

    I am still in awe at how intelligent she was at 3 or 4. Her sentences were near perfectly structured and she could tell jokes like a pro. She was very aware of her surroundings and learning at lightning speed. In part of the video, she reads a book as if she could, well, read. Of course she couldn\'t, but she would flip through the pages one by one and create her own story.

    Her passion for books begin even before she knew how to read

    Oh, what an admirable soul. Love you Zev. Love you family.

    Grayson Stebbins Wed, 25 Mar 2009

  2. Zev was a shining star at our school. She seemed to excel at everything she did. She was and IS and inspiration to my daughter and we think about her alot, especially when we hear the Go-Gos. Another mother who had a daughter in Zev\'s class mentioned that she seemed to form a bridge between students who might not otherwise be friends. She was kind to all. It\'s funny, when I used to think of her name, Zev Leal, I would run them together and think of the word \"Zeal.\" Seems appropriate. She had a zeal for life, love and learning. She is a profound little spirit.

    — Mysti Jacob Thu, 26 Mar 2009

  3. I shall never forget arriving to school in my sweat pants, seeing Caitlin and Zev walking proudly together all dressed up...everytime, every day. I\'d think about how cute they were together, how you could tell they were great buddies, how inspiring they were all dressed properly for the day, how generous the smiles they gave... Thank you for being you Zev, and thank you Caitlin and Anthony for your generous spirit and caring.

    — Julie Niles-Fry Sat, 28 Mar 2009

  4. I'll never foeget, when i would be in my room drawing a comic or reading a book, and i would leave to go get a drink. I would come back and there would be a note that says 'I love you' and two people holding hands.

    Then when i had left to live with my mother everytime i went to check my email there would be a message from Zev that would read 'COME HOME!!!' or 'I MISS YOU!!'. I'll never forget what a kind person she was. She cared so much about every person she met. Love you Zev, Love you family.

    Lauren leal Mon, 30 Mar 2009

  5. It seems such a short time ago that we met Zev and Caitlin @ Headstart. From the first day it was obvious she was a \"shining star\"...Zev and Ethan had an instant connection and were best friends from the get go. Her smile was infectious and her energy was so positive. She has always been a bright spot in our lives and we are so grateful for all of the memories and laughs that were a result of her friendship. We will always cherish her and she is never far from our thoughts and she owns gigantic places in our hearts--We love you Caitlin and Anthony-thank you so much for giving us all a reason to smile-Zev is still and will always be an inspiration and she makes the world a better place.

    — Canoe Family Mon, 30 Mar 2009

  6. I wish my family would have had the honor of knowing Zev, as I am sure she would have made a great impact in our boys lives. If she was anything like her mother, my childhood friend, I feel I know her well :) All the stories I have heard have filled my heart with joyous tears. Zev is still changing the world! Love you guys!

    — Gallardo Family Mon, 30 Mar 2009

  7. I recall my 20th birthday barbeque, well actually it was a duel barbeque/bonfire for Loren and I. The Leal family came down from rouge river to our house in weed,CA. The day was full of laughing and frisbee throwing, not to mention all the delicious food we had there. The fun traveled far into the night, where zev continued to make marshmellows for every person that would let her (she was limited to how many she could have) i remember her coming up to me 4-5 maybe even six times and asking me if i\'d like her to cook me a marshmellow (and who can say no to zev, absolutly no one), and after the six time i started helping her find other people, to pawn off my obligation to eat so many marshmellows. =) But we worked it off to excessive rock band try outs in the front room until everyone was so tired, we all passed out on the floor. That was such a fun night, even though i\'m not much of a rock band-er and mostly sat it out, everyone else rocked out though... I miss her soo...

    Ashleigh Leas Mon, 30 Mar 2009

  8. I will always remember Zev as my hungriest Brownie. She really did like the snacks we had at our meetings. I just found it to be really cute because she was such a little thing. I distinctly remember her holding and fluttering her hands in her Zevvie way and asking if she could have more. I have to say that kid was on fire for everything though, not just our junk food snacks. She was always on top of the little assignments and very eager to share. I love all my Girl Scouts. I try to see what they each have to bring and Zev definately had the gift of learning and sharing with others in a way that makes others want to go out and get more. Thank you Zev for sharing your joy. Thank-you to the Leal family for sharing sweet Zev with so many.

    — Racquel Berglund Mon, 30 Mar 2009

  9. I loved Zev for many things.Her eagerness to learn,her giving nature,and her hugs.She was so creative.I know she loved to make houses and castles out of moss and dirt.She loved school and books.She ate every word right up.She would share her knowledge too.I miss her warm,excited hugs.Every time I saw her I got a hug.Thanks Zev for being a good friend.

    — Isobel Berglund Mon, 30 Mar 2009

  10. Zev was so special to all of us who were blessed to be able to share with her Zev\'s love of life, love of dance and love of song.

    Zev\'s kindred spirit and her love of life lives on in each of us as her memories inspire us to be kind and generous to each other and to be respectful of the beautiful world around us.

    Zev will always be remembered, honored, loved and missed by all of us who loved her so much.

    Thank you Caitlin and Anthony for all of the special traits that you taught Zev as her loving, giving and caring personality is a reflection of you both. We love you Caitlin and Anthony.

    Zev, we love you always. We will listen for your songs in the wind. Soar high little angel and dance in the sky.

    — Julie & Will Longanecker Tue, 31 Mar 2009

  11. I was only blessed to know Zev for a few years but what an amazing little girl. She helped me ring in my 31\'st birthday this past year with a hand made card. Zev made sure she got all 31 candles on the cake she drew me all with fire on them. She was only 7 and it was way better than anything my 10 year old could draw. When she gave it to me I felt what a gift it was. C~ didn\'t put her up to doing it she wanted to draw it. That is what I will remember the most is that she did what she wanted with all her heart, spirit and a joy that we could all learn from.

    Zev you will always be with me... but especially when I make breakfast.

    Catlin Anthony and Lauren, our love and hearts are with you always......

    The Parara Family.

    — Lisa Parara Tue, 31 Mar 2009

  12. Little Zev~ I miss my phone calls and the books you would read to me while I feel asleep.I miss your hugs,cuddles,and smiles.I miss your tricks on the trampoline and trips to the moon,afternoons crawling on the carpet and your wonderful singing voice. she is the wind,the sun,and the flowers i see... I love you little Zevie pudding pie, Love Grandma Tiffy I find comfort in knowing that Zev is with her Grandpa Steve. singing songs,laughing,walking hand in hand,and grinning from ear to ear.

    — Tiffany Blackford Minard Wed, 1 Apr 2009

  13. Zev im missing u very much always- but alot at this very moment---Caitlin & Anthony---major love and healing to you both!!!

    — TINA Sun, 5 Apr 2009

  14. Everyday I walk into that 2nd grade class room I expect to see Zev taking an AR test. She must have read soo many books and in doing that went on so many adventures. I just know she is up in heaven reading away or maybe even writting her own books. I trust that God has a very important job for her and that there is a reason for this. Zev will forever be loved and missed. Thinking and praying for you Caitlin and Anthony.

    — Shannon Tue, 14 Apr 2009

  15. My darling Zev,

    When the wind blows, I feel your love. When the sun shines, I see your smile. When the birds tweet I hear you songs.

    I am choosing to believe that you are in every beautiful good thing that is on this earth.

    I think of you constantly...

    Hugs and Eskimo Kisses, Mom

    Caitlin Leal Mon, 20 Apr 2009

  16. i miss her soooooooo much The last time i saw her it was the best time of my life and she will be in my heart all the time and i now she will all ways be in your heart. i still love her. i wish i saw her one more time.do not worry she is safe and in a beter place. love and kisses from celeste lowell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    — celeste lowell Fri, 24 Apr 2009

  17. when zev was in kindergarten i was in fifth grade she was one of the greateat friend that everyonr loved i miss her sooooooooo much i pray every night for her.

    lillie Tue, 28 Apr 2009

  18. I have more to add to my last memory...

    I'll never forget how on every friday me and Zev would ask to watch a movie.. and when we could we would camp out in the living room. Also, how when zev would stay the night at Tina's and she would always want me to be there. And if i went to a friends house just for the weekend she would act as if i was leaving forever... I would have just wanted to see her reach her goal that i wanted her to get... which was 800 AR points... at least she made it 300... that was the one i wanted her to get to first and she did =].

    I'll always remember when she would call me lamboo and she was drool monster... or how Dad and her would react parts from the movie 'Castle in the Sky' and the connecting she had with everone. I will never forget her and her girly ways yet she listened to heavy metal >.

    Lauren Leal Thu, 30 Apr 2009

  19. My dearest Zevie, How I loved the way you could make Derek swirm, and turn his little cheeks red. The way you made Dean into the big Teddy Bear that he is. For the reluctant way you shared your toys with a drooling baby Perrin. I will forever miss my sweet little valentines. No one has ever worn pink so well, or looked so adorable with a strawberry shortcake back pack. My desserts will never taste as sweet or as deliciously sinful as when I shared them with you. I will never forget your excitement when we cut your hair off, so you could donate it to locks of love. I am so honored that I was your Hairdresser, friend, and dessert mommy. I Love you!

    — Dusti Nelson Thu, 30 Apr 2009

  20. Dearest Zev Luna, As I sit here typing this I have tears in my eyes and so much love in my heart-both because of you! You are missed so much by so many...My family was blessed in every sense of the word simply by having you in our lives! Each day that you have been gone you are with us every second. All that we do comes full circle back to you sweetheart. Ethan and Aiden as well as Aaron and myself treasure every moment our families shared in the last 5+ years. There have been oh so many sad and dark days missing your smile, laughter and powerful energy-yet even on the darkest days your beauty shines thru-whether it is a vivid memory, a song, a new flower blooming,a book, a butterfly, a rainbow or even opening and smelling a pack of your favorite fruit snacks we find some comfort in knowing your spirit is with us. Each day our family embraces all beautiful things in memory of you. We wish for one more sleep over, one more bath with "Fairy dust", one more night of playing Rock Band,the opportunity to watch yet another movie with you --making even one more precious memory . Oh Zev you are the most most amazing young lady we will ever have the privilege of knowing! We miss you deeply sunshine!!!! Love Tina and family

    — TINA Fri, 1 May 2009

  21. Zev

    I remember lying in bed with you over Christmas vacation. You didn't want to let me go. You were trying to come up with any way possible to convince me to stay. You said, "You could move to Rogue River, Auntie." "But where would I work?" I replied. "You could work a Ray's!"

    Always so creative and resourceful. When I taught Zev how to knit several years ago, I was blown away by how quickly she picked up on it. Though I shouldn't have been surprised at all. She was good at everything she attempted.

    Knitting at 5, she was talking politics at 8. I sent her an Obama t-shirt that I got during the campaign and she was so proud of it. When I asked her if she would vote for Obama, she said she would. "Why?" I probed. "Because he wants to take care of everyone. Because even people who do bad things deserve to get to go to the doctor's."

    She was beyond caring and generous. Considering her age, I was amazed by the pleasure she took in giving. At Christmas she spent hours in her room making "at least three" presents for each of us, and then she waited until after we had put her to bed and gone upstairs to sneak down and set them under the tree. I'll never forget the way she shone with glee when we opened them the next morning.

    I miss your singing, Zev. I miss your ideas. I miss you.

    Hugs to everyone who feels the same way!

    — Auntie Cristelle Sat, 2 May 2009

  22. Dearest Zev,

    Thank you for giving me this most amazingly wonderful treasured gift -- your unconditional love. It is you that has shown me all the beauty and goodness in this world. Eskimo kisses my darling girl.

    Love eternal,


    — Caitlin Leal Sun, 10 May 2009


    KISSES & FAIRY DUST..........................

    — TINA Sun, 10 May 2009

  24. Zev-Last night the boys attempted to play "baby" for the first time since you have been gone....they both agree that even though it was their favorite game to play with you , it simply isnt the same without you! They did their best and both of them asked me to write you today and let you know how very much they miss you honey! We wrap our arms around your spirit and all of our precious memories of you! Kisses-Ethan & Aiden

    — TINA Fri, 15 May 2009

  25. Been thinking of you and today while I am cleaning up the books I have to stop and just sit still for a moment and breath ... life is so different ... I keep you in my heart and I have hope for all of us who are waiting to see you again Love to Anthony and Catlin

    — Judy Mon, 1 Jun 2009

  26. Tonite is the Floater concert and I wish you were here to rock out with us sweetie! I still often watch our video of you sing Floater songs--you will always be our favorite ROCK STAR!!! Love your biggest fans-The Canoe Family

    — TINA Fri, 29 May 2009

  27. Zev-- It is 9:13 on a Thursday (way past the boys bedtime) yet we have laid here for sometime now laughing, crying and reminiscing......all with you in mind , our precious Zev... although we are heading for the coast tomorrow to go camping and attempting to look forward to that we find our hearts heavy and our souls sad for a couple of reasons..we always talked about going camping with your family and believed we would have the chance----and the coast (as magical as it is ) that is the place that I had the arduous task of telling my sons that you had left this plane for a brighter one! bitter-sweet we pack our bags only hoping and daydreaming that you were sitting in between the boys on the drive to the ocean-- as we have always done...we will write your name in the sand, collect treasures for you , fly our Kite under your wings,and think of you the entire time we are there! we miss you.........p.s. as Ethan brushes his teeth he wanted to say (muffled) I MISS ZEV A MILLION TIMES FOR EVERY GRAIN OF SAND ON OUR PLANET, EVERY BOOK EVER WRITTEN, EVERY WORD EVER SPOKE, EVERY SOUND EVER HEARD, EVERY PINE NEEDLE ON EVERY TREE, EVERY HAIR ON EVERY HEAD, EVERY PERSON THAT EVER LIVED, AND EVERY FLOWER THAT EVER BLOOMED!!!! (I TYPE THIS WITH HIM BESIDE ME AND ZEV SURROUNDING ME) MAGIC IN THE MAKING!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU SUNSHINE!!! P.S.S. AIDEN WANTED TO SAY THAT " LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITHOUT HER" WE LOVE YOU ZEV!!! TODAY-TOMORROW-FOREVER & ALWAYS

    — TINA Thu, 21 May 2009

  28. zev you were my best friend in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!

    — jasmine spitzer Fri, 5 Jun 2009

  29. Zev- your MOMMY and I spent a lot of time last week going thru pictures of you w/ our family to make memory posters for the boys room! They turned out amazing!!! I just hung them up and their room is shining brightly with your smile and spirit!! We all miss you tremendously - your Mommy & Daddy & brother Lauren think of you every second of every day-as we all do! You were one of a kind sweetie!!! Love you from here to the moon & back!!!---Tina & Boys

    — TINA Mon, 8 Jun 2009

  30. Birds and butterflies

    Rivers and mountains she creates

    But you'll never know

    The next move she'll make

    You can try

    But it is useless to ask why

    Cannot control her

    She goes her own way

    She rules until the end of time

    She gives and she takes

    She rules until the end of time

    She goes her own way

    With every breath

    And all the choices that we make

    We are only passing through on her way

    I find my strength

    Believing that your soul lives on

    Until the end of time

    I'll carry it with me

    Once you will know my dear

    You don't have to fear

    A new beginning always starts at the end

    Until the end of time

    She goes her own way



    — TINA Thu, 11 Jun 2009

  31. Today, the 3rd of July 2009, has started off rough for us --- The last 4 months without you have been extremely lonely--missing your laugh and infectious smile and all of your energy! Last 4th of July our family was blessed enough to spend the holiday with your family--making memories and celebrating--watching the parade then going swimming in the river, feeding chipmunks peanuts and watching fireworks at the golf course---this year will not compare---although tomorrow night as we look to the sky--you will be what I see!!! You are bright and colorful--you are powerful and beautiful--you are amazing and you are up above!!! loving you always!! Tina & Family!!

    — TINA Fri, 3 Jul 2009

  32. Zev, I wonder If you still eat those orange peels up there?

    — Jasmine spitzer Mon, 22 Jun 2009

  33. When I close my eyes, I can see your sweet face with those sparkling eyes and darling button nose. I remember all the eskimo kisses and snuggles. Oh how I miss that! Last night I spent a long time in your room and I finally mustered up the courage to read; something I have been wanting to do for months now. I read 'The Kissing Hand' out loud. Perhaps you heard me... I am grateful to have all those kisses, for even now, I can hold my hand to my cheek or to my heart and feel your love coursing through me. I love you Zev!


    Mom Fri, 17 Jul 2009

  34. Little Zev Pudding Pie~ I thought of you all day the 4th of July.The fireworks had smiley faces and flowers in them.It was amazing!I wish you were here to see them. We miss you every moment of every day. Words cannot express......... Gma Tiffy

    — Tiffany Blackford Minard Mon, 6 Jul 2009

  35. Zev,

    I find myself thinking of you everyday. Your mom gave me a beautiful picture of you this weekend. One of my favorite. It was of you on a horse at Aidens birthday. You had on a cow girl hat and you were having so much fun.

    Every time my Jordyn laughs I think of you. Every time I make breakfast I cry and than laugh. My emotions are so mixed. But know that you are so loved.

    We hope you enjoyed the fire works from heaven. We sent you up some pretty big ones to see.

    I keep one of your pictures on my fridge next to my eggs. Every moring I kiss you and say hello. I hope you feel all of the love from those who are left behind with out you.

    Not sure why I am having such a hard night tonight. I can't get you off my mind or stop crying. I love you Zevy...... and I pray oh how I pray that you feel all our love and thoughts....

    C~A~L~ sending my love to you also. Missing the 3 of you and hoping we can visit soon.

    Forever your breakfast mommy.... Lisa.

    — Lisa Parara AKA Breakfast Mommy Tue, 7 Jul 2009

  36. Little Zev~ Your Aunties Lolo,Lori,Cheyenne and I will be traveling to your house this weekend.We are helping Mommy with the fundraiser sale that you inspired. The hot pink Morning Glory's are in full bloom this morning this late July.We always thought of hot pinks as Zev's flowers.I think from now on the new name for them should be "Zevie Pinks". I think we will give the seeds to people you love. Wishing on a star and chasing the dragonflies Zevie Pudding Pie. Gma Tiffy

    — Tiffany Blackford Minard Mon, 27 Jul 2009

  37. If only...I could hold you close to me again, I would be the happiest most complete being on this earth. If only...I was powerful enough to change the outcome, you would be here with us now.

    I love you with all my heart, Zev.

    Mom Thu, 13 Aug 2009

  38. Dearest Tony and family. Dad and Carol came today and we just now found the website honoring your beautiful daughter. I am so sorry for your loss. She looks so much like you when you were small. Dad and Carol wanted to come and see you and Manuel this week. Could you reply to drhord@citlink.net or call Dads cell 623-215-8118. We would love to hear from you. Again my deepest sympathy and our prayers are with you and your family. Your Old Friend Danny

    — Danny Fellbaum Fri, 19 Feb 2010

  39. Thanksgiving is fast approaching my dearest Zev--The things Im most thankful for is having you in our life-always and forever-thankful for knowing you-being blessed by your presence and energy-thankful for each and every priceless memory-thankful for your love-thankful for every sprinkle of fairy dust I ever shared with you-thankful for every song we ever sang together-thankful for still being able to hear your laughter-thank you Zev-for always giving!!!! carrying you in my heart for all eternity-Tina!

    — TINA Mon, 23 Nov 2009

  40. Dearest Tony and family. Dad and Carol came today and we just now found the website honoring your beautiful daughter. I am so sorry for your loss. She looks so much like you when you were small. Dad and Carol wanted to come and see you and Manuel this week. Could you reply to drhord@citlink.net or call Dads cell 623-215-8118. We would love to hear from you. Again my deepest sympathy and our prayers are with you and your family. Your Old Friend Danny

    — Danny Fellbaum Fri, 19 Feb 2010

  41. Hi honey,

    I wanted to share with you that I went out with your parents and brother last night. It was so wonderful. Your mom and dad were laughing and had smiles. We went to the roller durby. We rooted for the PINK and BLACK team.... your familys colors. They won. We talked about you and it was nice. You are so very missed. However you are in our hearts, thoughts and moments each and every day. I know the next few weeks are going to be so hard for your parents and those who love you. But as I have always promised you past and present I will always be there for your mom and dad. I love you honey. I send you my kisses and hope to visit with you in my dreams....

    — Lisa Parara AKA Breakfast Mommy Sun, 21 Feb 2010

  42. Here is a video i made for Zev. ^^

    — Lauren Leal Fri, 2 Oct 2009

  43. oops here is the link.


    — Lauren Leal Fri, 2 Oct 2009

  44. Last year, i asked Zev what she would like for her birthday. She e-mailed me and told me: Tuesday, September 9, 2008 8:22 PM "Hi Ashleiqh, I want a new dressup dress please. I love school.I love my teacher too. I love you.I can't wait tell I see you. :) From : Zev"

    A dress-up dress, well, that couldn't be too hard, right?! I was wrong, dress-up dresses aren't that easy to find... I searched and searched for one around the area, I was sure she would grow out of it faster than it would be worn out. But nothing. So ordered it online and had it gift wrapped and sent directly to her. I loved her joy in the simple things. Every time i visited the Leal's it was always a parade of "let me show you my dresses," costume after costume... ^_^ always so pretty!

    Happy Birthday Zev! I love you!

    — Ashleigh Tue, 15 Sep 2009

  45. I sent you special kisses on your 10th Birthday. I carry our special ceremonial stone with me at all times wherever my travels take me. You will always be in my heart and thoughts for all eternity. I miss you but know that you are smiling down at me from heaven everyday my special angel. Love always

    — Julie Longanecker Fri, 17 Sep 2010