Mission Statement

Princess Zev provides children of low-income families in Southern Oregon with books and reading programs, to promote equitable access to literacy, learning and self-expression.

What We Do

We purchase new books and clean gently-used books for distribution to children through partnerships with libraries, schools, pre-schools, day care facilities, foster care programs, and other non-profit organizations that promote literacy, learning, and the well-being of low-income youth.


Princess Zev is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that exists to continue the legacy of Zev Luna Audrey Leal by honoring her compassionate and generous nature.  Zev departed our physical world in March 2009. During her eight years, she taught both her family and friends the true meaning of generosity, empathy, and love. Her vitality and spirit endure through the work of our volunteers.

Board of Directors

President: Caitlin Leal
Vice President: Anthony Leal
Treasurer: Cristelle Blackford
Secretary: Grayson Stebbins


Princess Zev: Our shining star, who showered love and compassion on all those around her. She continues to teach us, inspire us and fill our hearts.

Caitlin Leal: Mother of Princess Zev. Wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend. She can often be found nurturing Zev's younger sisters Zoe and Eva, taking nature walks, at the library, writing and engaging with her friends and family. Tattoos, music, and a good book are always on her agenda.

Anthony Leal: Zev’s Daddy. Master of levity. Lover of animals and all things humorous. Computer repair technician by day and family chef by night. His hobbies include gaming, photography, gardening and playing bass guitar. Zev’s love amplifies his compassionate nature, his patience and his inner teacher.

Cristelle Blackford: Zev’s Auntie. Community engagement specialist, post-it note enthusiast, and design-thinking nerd working to make government more effective, efficient, and equitable. She is the Chief Engagement Officer at CivicMakers, a small innovation firm in San Francisco. She is also a musician, yogi, cyclist, nature-lover, and urbanist. A lifelong student of languages and literature, she believes deeply in the power of storytelling. She takes pride in carrying on the spirit of her dear niece Zev through the work of the organization.

Grayson Stebbins: Uncle G. Designer of things on screens and on paper. Currently caught up at a fun tech start-up in San Francisco. A lover of books – their design, their pictures, their text – he needs a bit of inspiration to get to the in-depth, committed reading – our dear Princess Zev inspires him here. A beginner in his studies of Japanese, an avid rider of his bike, and a committed student of life, he knows not what lies ahead, but he’s sure it will be a grand adventure.